The moisture of my skin showed a noticeable increase as soon as I started using it. My skin feels soft, silky, and very moisturized after using the snail mucin mixture, which is quite nourishing for my skin. Furthermore, it helps to maintain hydration throughout the day, keeping my skin feeling and looking its best. It does more than just give my skin a quick moisture boost.

I came upon this product through an Amazon influencer’s Instagram video. I made the decision to try it. Everything she had promised is there. It hydrates well and leaves your skin feeling amazing. It’s a little bit tacky when you first put it on, so wait a few minutes for it to dry before using any other moisturizing products. Usually, I use it to my face following the application of my serum and toner. Then, because my area has dry winters, I’ll take a few minutes to do something else before applying anything more, such as a primer or a thicker moisturizer.I would absolutely try it since it is definitely worth the buzz. Despite having very sensitive skin, I didn’t have any inflammation. It’s good that there is no aroma as well. Applying snail mucin to my face made me feel a little weird, but now I’m a big believer. It’s really fantastic!

My skin is quite sensitive and readily reacts to anything that is harsh. I had my doubts about this product since I assumed it would be sticky and just sit on top of my skin, but it’s not at all the case at all. Like everyone else, I like this material. It’s so hydrating that I occasionally forget to use my usual gel moisturizer on top of it. Every night, I apply it to my face and neck, and it instantly hydrates and absorbs. It is portable and fulfills its promises. My skin is quite sensitive and combination, and it really like this stuff.