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Formulated with a highly concentrated 96.3% snail secretion filtrate, this snail mucin essence harnesses the rejuvenating properties of snail slime to repair your skin from the effects of dryness and aging. By soothing dehydrated skin and reducing dullness, it restores your complexion’s vitality and radiance.

Reveal Refined, Radiant Skin with a Gentle-Giant Essence

This lightweight essence delivers powerful effects through its simple, concentrated formula. Utilizing only the finest active ingredients, it intensively hydrates and soothes even the most sensitive skin. The fluid texture absorbs seamlessly, leaving a dewy finish that prevents dryness without feeling heavy or greasy. Wear it alone or under treatments to boost their absorption. Over time, it refines your complexion’s texture and evens out tone for a healthy, well-rested glow. Experience dramatically improved skin clarity and condition from just a few drops of this essential essence.

No Snail Sacrifice

Worried about snails being harmed in the cultivation and harvesting process? Don’t be. All the Snail Mucin products we carry are from protected snail farms. This allows us to leverage its impressive rejuvenating properties without harming any snails.

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