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A little bit about us.

What is SnailMucin.com?

SnailMucin.com is an informational website about Snail Mucin.

I write articles sharing all the knowledge I have gained for learning about Snail Mucin from my professional and personal interes . Naturally, I have learned a lot about this strange but interesting ingredient from snails.

The goal of this website is to be the best and most informative source for everything to do with Snail Mucin.

What is Snail Mucin?” is a common question we get. I recommend you read this article I wrote about it to understand. 

Snail Mucin has grown in popularity over the last few years. This is thanks to Korean beauty companies that include the ingredient in many skincare products. Social media has also helped propel these snail mucin skincare products into the mainstream. Specifically TikTok where thousands of people have learned the benefits of Snail Mucin and what it can do for skin.

As of this writing the hashtag #snailmucin has 1+ billion views on TikTok.

While a lot of people aren’t familiar with “snail slime” as some refer to it, snail mucin has been used in Europe for quite a long time. In Europe they eat snails remember. They have been harvesting them for years for food so using snail mucin in skincare products isn’t as far fetched as it may sound.

Ancient Romans and Greeks used snails to give themselves smooth and radiant skin. Note, I did not say snail mucin… but snails.

When I first heard about Snail Mucin

I first heard about Snail Mucin from my cousin. She is a beauty and skincare enthusiast and was using this on her face raving about it. Snail mucin gives you glowing and blemish free skin so many people crave.

When she first explained to me what is was… of course my first impression was “Ummmm that is gross!”

Upon further research I realized that not only was this a popular skincare ingredient in KBeauty products…. but it actually worked. I worked for a packaging machine company that sold a lot of products into the Personal Care and Cosmetics industry. I can tell you firsthand a lot of products work ok, but the formulations aren’t that much different. They also a charge a lot of money for them.

I did what anyone would do after hearing about Snail Mucin, I bought some and tried it. It worked.

The best part about most snail mucin products? They aren’t insanely expensive and most consumers can buy them.

Future of SnailMucin.com

What will the future of SnailMucin.com be?

For now I mainly make money on affiliate marketing. This means when you click a link and purchase Snail Mucin products on another website through us, we make a little bit of money. Well… these days it’s a minuscule amount of money. Back when I first got into digital marketing, it was more.

Eventually I will offer all major Snail Mucin products and brands on this site in an e-commerce storefront. As well as offer skincare packages to use Snail Mucin the best way for you with other products.

If you have questions or want to work with me, go over to the contact page. I will try to respond as soon as I can.